Jugaad innovation

The concept of “Jugaad innovation” is an Indian word which translates as “smartness” or “System D” and characterizes innovation in Indian. Ingenious, but inexpensive, a way of looking at progress, that in the context of the economic crisis, is seducing developing countries.
The Indian concept of frugal innovation has been theorized by French, Navi Radjou. born in Pont Tear (Dunkirk). According to him, Jugaad is an Indian word meaning the ingenious ability to improvise and find solutions in very difficult conditions.
Being resourceful with very little means, in India it is a philosophy that applies on the day to day to facilitate all areas of daily life: a padlock to lock his car, pulled by a steamroller tractor, a chopper which runs through a drill, a lift is a simple rope and an old scooter or a container that can carry 50 liters of water effortlessly. All these unusual and useful innovations are Jugaad.
Navi Radjou became the guru of frugal innovation. After his studies in Paris, he moved to the United States to meet the word Jugaad, because today this philosophy has conquered even the richest countries. Developed countries also have needs for sustainability, for example, because they are very greedy in energy consumption. Therefore, the need to “better me” is a universal need.
“Better with me,” this is the whole concept of frugal innovation. In France, an engineer (polytechnic) 39 years it was his credo. The latter died to tackle the problem of heat generated by computers; heat is lost when it could be used. Avoid waste, this is the Jugaad. (suite…)

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