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Volvo is working on a self-managed car, that will be available in the late 2014. Last year, Volvo has successfully completed a test program named SARTRE (Safe and environmentally oriented movement in the caravan). Volvo will show a concept car that without any help of a driver will be able to park on its own.
It should be noticed that such autopilot system has been developed by Tesla and Google. According to Volvo, the new technology will give the possibility to drivers to park their car in a safe place near the parking lot. In this case, the user will be able to find easily its own space. In order to do this, the driver must just download a special application on his phone and send a corresponding signal. After parking the car, the owner is notified via Smartphone, that contains information about the location of the car.
This technology is known as Vehicle Infrastructure 2 and involves the feature of special sensors in the road that are designed to inform car owners about the areas in which they can drop off passengers and activate the system.
To avoid accidents, Volvo cars are endowed with a huge number of different sensors and cameras that observes not only the movement of other vehicles, but also the movement of pedestrians.
It should also be noticed that the owners do not have to go where the car has been parked, but simply using the application on their phones to send the appropriate signal. After that, the car will return to its original location.
Despite the fact that the system is still at its earliest stage of development, the technology works not only on papers and words, but in the real world.
The first car equipped with this innovative technology of self-parking system will be a Volvo XC90, available in 2014.

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