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With Circle to Search, it is now possible on your smartphone to perform a Google search with a single gesture, without needing to switch apps!

Google is rolling out a new search feature powered by artificial intelligence, designed to simplify web browsing. This option will allow users to perform web searches without leaving the current page or application. In our article, you will find more information on how this advancement works and its launch date.

How does “Circle to Search” work?

Circle to Search, or “Entourer pour rechercher” in french, is set to transform the way you search on your Android smartphone. This feature allows users to initiate searches from any application.

Whether you’re browsing a photo on social media or watching a video on YouTube, you can simply select the item of interest by circling it, highlighting it, or tapping it to get additional information, without having to perform an external search on a search engine.

The usage is very simple, in 3 steps:

  1. Press and hold the home button on your smartphone for a moment,
  2. Select, circle, or tap the item that interests you,
  3. Instantly find the information you’re looking for at the bottom of the screen!

For example: a creator wears an outfit in a video, and you wish to identify their shoes. You just need to circle it to discover e-commerce sites where you can buy exactly that garment or similar alternatives.

That’s not all! Circle to Search also offers the possibility of performing multiple searches of images and text. For instance, if you encounter an unknown word in a text or an image, you can circle it and pose it as a question to artificial intelligence, which will provide an answer.

How to integrate this feature into your activity?

Google’s new Circle to Search mode offers promising opportunities for online merchants eager to increase traffic to their websites and attract new customers via the Internet.

To fully benefit from this feature, it is wise to expand your online presence on various platforms such as Google My Business, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, etc. Simultaneously, invest in creating and sharing high-quality photos of your products.

Thus, you increase the chances that an internet user discovers a product of interest and decides to search for it via Circle to Search to obtain more information or make a purchase. 

Circle to Search has all the necessary characteristics to become an advantage for merchants, offering them the opportunity to increase the chances of engaging interested customers.

When will the Circle to Search feature be available?

As of January 31, 2024, the new feature is active on Samsung Galaxy S24 devices and Pixel 8 models. Its rollout to Android device users will be gradual, although no specific date has yet been announced.

To date, it remains uncertain whether this new feature will be exclusively available on Android devices or if it will also be offered on iOS.

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