In this technological era, the internet, among other softwares and gadgets, has changed the way we communicate, the way we go about daily activities and mostly the way we work. Being «connected» has become an essential need for almost every branch or sector of activity. This is all the more true for the medical field.
The health care sector being a hard science depends heavily on research and development. As a result, medicine has evolved more and more towards technologically assisted procedures and the use of technological medical devices.

In this particular line of work, being up to speed with the new findings of the scientific community around the world is a must and e-learning can just be the tool to reach this goal. This is why the European Institute of Telesurgery in Strasbourg, France, launched in 2000 « Websurg ». This concept, directed by Professor Jacques Marescaux, is for all intents and purposes a virtual surgical university. The platform includes online training in surgery, information on the latest breakthroughs and chat rooms that enable surgeons and experts around the globe to communicate among themselves.
Some of Websurg’s main services are providing online access to quality surgical catalogues and offering continuing medical education and accreditation. Professor Marescaux and his team have adopted the Internet as a means of communication to make knowledge accessible in the medical community. WebSurg uses different web-based mediums such as illustrations, animations and videos, to convey information. For instance, surgeons can find videos of pre-recorded surgical interventions.
Recently, the institution has reiterated its belief in e-learning by creating the E-world Journal of Minimally Invasive Surgery. This e-book customized solely for iPads has become a best seller in the medical community.

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