Meet Beme, the only “honest” social media



You are using social media every single day, but are you truly yourself when you share publications ? An app called Beme tried to create a network when you’re obligated to do so. 


Created by the popular youtube vlogger Casey Neistat, Beme was the first application who proposed to the user to share his experiences « honestly »: the app enables to produce only unedited content like 2 to 8 second videos immediately uploaded and shared with the user’s followers, without the ability to preview or edit the video.



By doing so, the app make sure Users are sharing content honestly, but it also guarantee that followers are reacting the same way by automatically capture their reaction when they see the content, and sharing them instantly.



In November 2016, Neistat created a Beme linked project called Exit Poll, with the goal of asking users to share who they were voting for. The user was also asked to record a video in order to explain why they were voting for that particular candidate. The results were then completed together and shared via Facebook during the election.



Shortly after its launch on iOS, Beme gathered 1.1 million videos and 2.4 millions reaction. The New York Times explained that Beme’s user experience were « as if the phone becomes a stand-in for one’s body, the camera facing outward to capture what the user is experiencing ».


On November 28, 2016, Casey Neistat announced that his company working on Beme will be acquired by CNN. If the final goal of this acquisition is still unknown, the news network said that they were investing in the company with the objective of creating a new brand focused on a young audience. This declaration was quickly followed by the closing of the Beme app on January 31 2017.



A propos de Bruno C.

Etudiant en Master 2 Droit de l'Economie Numérique à l'Université de Strasbourg, titulaire d'un Master en Droit des affaires, mes passions dans les domaines des nouvelles technologies et dans les moyens modernes de communication renouvellent constamment mon intérêt pour le monde digital et ses évolutions.

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