When Netflix (And Others…) is Paid for Itself a Cheaply Advertising Campaign

What’s more interesting for a brand that being able to enjoy all the quality of a large digital advertising campaign, without having to pay full price? Netflix, a company known worldwide for its video on demand service, was pleased, for the 3rd consecutive year, to see that dreams come true. Indeed, it was able to rely, as always, on the important support of social networks and most importantly, their many users!




I. The Organization by Netflix of the “Grammasters3” Contest

Just this once, the Netflix streaming platform launched at the end of February a contest on Instagram that actually hides nothing less than a cheaply digital advertising campaign. As usual, the video on demand company thought of everything as it promises to offer to the four customers who posted the best photos, a fixed-term contrat of two weeks, paid the nice amount of $ 4,000. To participate, nothing easier (and cheaper) since it is simple to post one’s photos on Instagram, accompanied by the hashtag “#grammasters3”.

The company is not at his first attempt, as it has already offered in the past, to the British and Irish viewers, a “dream job” of watching and analyzing movies and platform programs for associate them with keywords. But for the first time this year, the competition organized by Netflix, with “the best job in the world” as a reward, landed in France. Thus, the winners of the competition (Netflix nicknamed them “grammasters”), will be eligible for a job of photographing different shooting places of the series produced by the US giant across Europe and share images on social networks.

On March 4, 2016, two days before the end of the competition (at least the pre-selection phase), Netflix had already received more than 1.2 million photos tagged # Grammasters3 on Instagram, proving once again that the streaming platform has succeeded and strengthened the commitment of its community at an affordable cost. For now, 25 people have been pre-selected, but it will still wait until March 29 to designated the four winners, who will explore Europe, all at the expense of Netflix.


II. Social networks: a Formidable Source of Advertising!

Netflix, which already has over 75 million subscribers worldwide, is trying, through these 2.0 competitions, to improve its reputation, communication and influence. In reality, it invents nothing revolutionary since it simply rides on the trend of the “best jobs in the world” (which consist in publishing a very attractive job offer asking candidates to apply via social networks to ensure its promotion). Nevertheless, this strategy is extremely effective to the extent that on one hand, the “job” is shared millions of times on social networks before being picked up by the mainstream media; and on the other hand, the acquisition of followers and content (photos and comments) gives weight to stand out from their competition… Besides that, everything is done for an excessively low cost, namely the scope of a site, a few tweets and 16,000 dollars prize.

As we previously implied, Netflix is ​​not the only brand to have grasped the interest of organizing contests on social networks. Indeed, for some years now, regularly, brands are more reluctant to engage in this kind of strategic activity, being fully aware that this allows them to offer an extensive publicity campaign for a lower cost. Not to mention that besides being a great way to promote their product or brand (both social networking users are numerous; their number also ceases to grow), these “competitions 2.0” also allow one to animate, federate and retain a community increasingly in demand for this kind of event… In other words, social networks, as a means of publicity, still have a bright future ahead of them!

WYWYDRA_Alexis_PHOTO_2015DRA Alexis

Étudiant en Master 2 de Droit de l’Économie Numérique à la Faculté de Droit, de Sciences Politiques et de Gestion de Strasbourg, et membre actif de l’association MédiaDroit.

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