Google Project Link

With this project, Google is willing to provide broadband internet to the African continent. According to Google, among the 7 billion people on earth, only 2.7 have an access to internet; which remain very slow for the most of them. This is why Google started its project “Link”, in order to connect those 5 billion people missing on the internet.
article 4 picture 1On the 22nd of November, Google started its project Link, in order to bring “faster, more reliable Internet to the places and people that need it”. They started this project in Kampala, the capital city of Uganda, a 34 million people landlocked country. If Uganda had remained a strict dictatorship for decades, this country is more democratic since 2005 and even if it still applies strict death penalty, this country is on the way of progress. Uganda is an English speaking country, which makes it easier to Google to collaborate, and the high density of population allows Google to provide internet to almost 3 million people at once (considering Kampala and its suburbs). Moreover, this country is now relatively calm and safe.

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