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Why do it in 8 hours while you can do it in 1 hour!

Recruiters spend a lot of hours conducting interviews, sending emails to schedule, and reschedule interviews, accepting, or rejecting candidates, and posting job ads and spreadsheets. However, benefiting from the Digital Transformation impact on recruitment will help and facilitate the life of the recruiters by avoiding all the repetitive tasks that can be automated.

Digital transformation can have an impact on all business activities, including the recruitment process. By implementing softwares, tech and data solutions you can simplify the recruiter task, besides, it will lead to better productivity and time to hire, improving efficiency, easier candidate evaluation and greater access to talent.

What do you mean by automating the repetitive tasks?

All the tasks that can take up to 8 hours from posting job offers to doing spreadsheets, can take only 1 hour by implementing a software that can automate all the repetitive tasks done by the recruiters.

The recruitment software:

  • can reduce the manual repetitive work with automated templates, pipelines and actions;
  • Can help you set up online interviews and sign contracts via Docusign or similar e-signature platforms;
  • Can help you to post job openings on multiple job boards simultaneously without posting on every job board independently; and
  • Can help you with customizable reports without the need to look into endless spreadsheets.

What are the benefits of digital transformation of recruitment?

Digital transformation and recruitment automation have a lot of benefits, including but not limited to:

  • Better productivity and time to hire

Digital tools will help recruiters avoid spending hours on repetitive tasks and will also help candidates to apply faster by auto-filling applications or by the easy-apply button.

  • Improved metrics and efficiency;

You don’t need to gather and analyze data on your own anymore. All this process is automated, which will help you also to have more accurate data and better efficiency.

NB: Make sure to respect all compliance obligations when collecting personnel data.

  • Easier candidate evaluation; and

You can use game-based, personality tests, and video assessments that can help you screen and evaluate your candidate before wasting your time in an interview or set-up multiple interview rounds.


  • Greater access to talent.

All the above helps you to filter all the candidates, also helps you to advertise your job offer with a click and reach out to the relevant candidates based on their experience, their location, their skills, their education, etc.


Don’t waste your time, adapt to the digital transformation, and find the perfect match and talent for your company!





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