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During the last week, the Internet started to discuss strange material, the LK99. Some people claim that this discovery is a historic moment for humanity. Users of X, the new name for Twitter, have experienced the long and hard process of science.

On July 22, 2023, a South Korean team exposed for the first time the results of their research. The first superconductivity material at ambient temperature, or the LK99. This is a superconducting material that works at normal temperature and pressure.

The publication blew up the Internet and many people. If the LK99 is real, it will be one of the biggest technological breakthroughs in history.


What is superconductivity?

This is a material that eliminates all electrical resistance and creates a big electromagnetic field. We have known about superconductivity for a decade, but only at very low temperatures and pressures. Maintaining a material at its superconductivity level requires a lot of energy and costly equipment.

Superconductivity is used today for research instruments.


Why is LK99 so promising?

Because a superconducting material at normal temperature and pressure is a revolution for all technological industries, This can bring new innovation to the following sectors:

  • Nuclear Fusion: bring cheap, safe, and unlimited nuclear fusion electricity to the world.
  • Quantum computing: build more efficient, cheaper, and more powerful computing.
  • Better batteries for cars: batteries that produce no heat, are safer, and can store more energy.
  • Transport electricity with no loss: saving enormous amounts of energy.
  • Transportation: a faster train, more comfortable, like the Japan Maglev.
  • Electronic chips: build faster and safer personal computers, smartphones, and other smart devices.

A superconductor that works at room temperatures and pressures is one of the keys to a carbon-neutral economy.

LK99 looks like the holy grail of material science. In fact, LK99 has some similar features to unobtainium, the miraculous mineral from Pandora in the Avatar movie. A mineral is so important in this film that it is regarded as the last chance for humanity’s survival. Again, science fiction is about to become real.

Image of unobtanium Avatar Movie
Unobtainium from Avatar movie


So, is LK99 a revolution?

During the last week, users from X (Twitter) followed the work of many scientists around the world who tried to replicate the LK99. Chinese, Americans, Koreans –  everyone is trying to recreate LK99 and witness the superconductivity. Europe was the biggest absentee during this event. 

People have discussed directly with researchers. Videos, schemes, and publications are shared through social media. A rare moment of sharing and discussion without hate or scandal. Just people who want to make history. 

After many tests, new publications, and results, the scientific community reached a common conclusion: LK99 may not be a superconductor but just a simple ferromagnetic material. LK99 will not change the course of humanity. But, this material is still very interesting and provides new paths for research. If LK99 is not a revolutionary material, scientists may find it in the next few years.

Superconductivity, like artificial intelligence, has the potential to start a new era of technology. It’s just a matter of time.

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