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You are currently viewing E-commerce: How to increase the average shopping basket on a website

E-commerce is constantly evolving, and online retailers are always looking for ways to increase their average basket. This is an essential objective, as it helps to optimise the revenue and profitability of an online sales site. Fortunately, there are many effective strategies for achieving this and maximising sales.

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One of the first steps is to offer an exceptional user experience on your e-commerce site. Make sure your site is user-friendly, fast and easy to navigate. Attractive product pages with clear and concise descriptions can also help to encourage impulse buying, as one way of boosting the average basket is to capitalise on upselling and cross-selling. Offer complementary or similar products to those that your customers have already chosen, to encourage them to add more items to their order.

A gift card or discount code offer encourages customers to buy from you again to take advantage of it, especially if you attach an expiry date to your offer.

This effective strategy is to offer special promotions or discounts on group purchases. Customers are often attracted by special offers that allow them to save money while getting more products.

Up-selling is another effective technique for increasing the average basket. By offering upgraded versions or premium products to your customers when they are in the process of making a purchase, you can encourage them to spend more to get a better experience or more features.
Additionally, don’t forget the importance of customer service. Respond quickly to customers’ questions and concerns to create a solid relationship based on trust.

Finally, offer a range of flexible payment options to make the buying process easier. The more choice you offer to your customers, the more likely they are to add more products to their basket.

By implementing these different strategies, you will be able to increase the average basket on your e-commerce site and improve your bottom line.

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