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Men are always on top of all articles. In this biased and sexist world that we live in, women are not fully appreciated as they should be. That’s why it is important to shed light on those women. Patience, determination, hard work and perseverance, these are what made many become successful in the e-commerce sector. In this article, we will talk about some major successful e-commerce businesswomen.

It is a sector well-suited for female entrepreneurs. While working in this domain requires flexibility and balance, women have it all!

Despite the fact that only 4.2% of Fortune 500 companies are run by women, they have shown an ability to procure new ideas, build strong relationships with customers and understand their needs – businesswomen have shown quite a high potential.

Road to success

France, “the capital of lingerie” was only after Agathe Molinar created a very successful underwear range of products. She worked hard to empower women to feel more confident, all by presenting high-quality products that are now known worldwide.

On another hand, we have a very successful Indonesian woman named Angelina Handavani. This woman founded an e-commerce shop to raise poverty awareness by producing locally hand-made fabrics and bags in countries where craftswomen were not living correctly. She changes the whole heritage of Indonesian working women in this field by providing them fair wages and good working conditions.

Lebanon, a small country in the Middle East, has shown great potential in Fine Jewellery products. Nadine Ghosn, this female entrepreneur founded an e-commerce luxury product with creative unique designs that are now worn by many celebrities around the world.

Moreover, having graduated with degrees from both Harvard and Oxford, Jen Lee Koss has contributed to an online retail community by focusing on her passion for design and crafting. This platform aims to build partnerships, providing new unique initiatives and designs.

There is something we never thought about, do you know that cars were designed by men for men? Well, dummies used in crash tests usually represent male body features and, both the size and the length of seats are male-friendly designs. That is what Cassie Abel has worked hard to change. Her online company (Wild Rye) is committed to developing new changes in the car’s design to fit and consider women’s bodies.

In the United States, the largest digital advertising agency is led by a woman. Ashly Scorpio, a venture capitalist and investor Mariama Naficy, an e-commerce businesswoman and CEO of a crowdsourcing company, and many more….

When will it change?

In 2023, female entrepreneurs are still being victims of biases and inequality. The whole ecosystem of our society was built thousands of years ago in favour of men.

Society needs to change and reconsider female presence in the business world, especially in the e-commerce sector, where women have proven themselves successful and opened many opportunities and business ideas.

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