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Illustration by Mignon Zakuga

On Wednesday, 14 September 2022, many artists from Artstation, one of the biggest platforms for artists, released an image to protest against artificial intelligence (AI). Artists show that AI has been stealing their content over the years.

This Wednesday, 14 September 2022 may be a historic date for digital creators. For the first time, all artists published at the same time, the same image. This image (used here as an illustration) shows their opposition to AI. Now, the homepage of Artstation is full of this image.

Why are artists against AI?

Because, for training, AI uses digital content found on the internet without the permission of the artist.

Many people have tried dall.e, an AI capable of drawing an illustration with just a few words. Recently a new app was released: Dawn AI, an app that can transform a profile photo into an illustrated avatar. Every AI drawing is in reality a mix of different illustrations found on the internet.

Sometimes, people see a signature on the generated picture, proof that the AI has stolen some content without the consent of the human artist.

Today, the community takes action

Artists warned the world against this technology for many years now. Autors’ rights are in danger with the development of AI. It’s not the first time – the artists had already protested about the use of their creations without being given the credit in 2021, when many people had created NFT with artists’ work.

Artists want to be heard and want a solution to this. With this hashtag on Twitter, #SupportHumanArtist, they try to reach politicians who have the power to help them.

What’s next?

If the authorities do nothing to help artists, they will most likely stop sharing their creations on the internet. It’s the end of an era where people share their passion freely. Today, in many countries, the law is not prepared to face this problem. Artists will lose income because people use AI-generated content, which is cheaper.

For AI, it’s a problem too. It will have trouble with training and improving because fewer creations will be available.

It’s urgent to find a solution between human artists and their rights, that need to be protected, and AI, that needs to be trained and supervised.

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– Illustration by Mignon Zakuga,




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