Cybersecurity is in well placed in the 2023 budget

The Finance bill 2023 will allow heavy funding for cybersecurity. This news is acclaimed due to the increase of cyber attacks since the beginning of the health crisis.

The fight against cyberattacks

Cyberattacks increased by more than 50% in 2022 compared to 2021. Ransomware attacks are the most frequent within companies. Nowadays, people don’t fight for money or oil, they steal the data. Ransomware can have serious consequences for an institution.  They can cripple company’s Information System for months. Therefore, the company can lose billion of dollars. People can die in the hospitals if the machines don’t function.By according more funds to the institutions which involve in the digital security field, the government has made an informed choice. It will help the institutions fighting against cyberattacks.


An increase in job in the digital fields

This draft Finances law will increase the quantity of jobs in the defense and security sectors. Indeed, the Interior’s Ministry will provide 3109 new jobs and that of Defense will create 1583 new jobs. According to ”Pole Emploi”, Cybersecurity is a field of the future. However, few talents are recruited there each year because working is this field requires advanced computers and English field. There are a lot of jobs someone who studies cybersecurity can do.

Young people have to be curious to enter in this field.