Marketing Mix is a set of tools and procedures, manipulating marketers who are trying to better satisfy their customers. In other words, complex marketing is a set of variables in an overall formula for success, which is always under the control of the marketer. Its main objective is to influence and solve the most effective marketing problems of the target market.
Initially, mass marketing consisted of four elements: product, price, location and promotion. This 4P complex: product, price, location, promotion became an essential component of marketing theory and practice. Later, this complex became more complicated.
As a result of further research, the 5P concept of complex marketing emerged: product, price, location, promotion and person. Researchers believe in the 5P paradigm because the 4P paradigm is internally driven. They showed that it is essential to pay attention to customer needs, which influence the perception of the product in the eyes of the target market. Then, 7P shows complex marketing: product, price, place, promotion, person, process, physical environment.
The process represents the interaction between the consumer and the company in order to make the purchase and use of the
the purchase and use of the service as comfortable as possible for the consumer. The physical environment describes what surrounds a consumer at the time of purchase of a product or service. It helps to shape the brand image, to highlight the distinctive characteristics of the product. With the rise of Internet companies, it is now a question of choosing a global marketing model: 4P, 5P, 7P, or other.
The 4P remains the dominant paradigm because it is a reliable tool for managing traditional and physical marketing. However, implementing this concept in virtual marketing is not the best option. While it is impossible to forget 4P, it is imperative and important to note the leading role of the person at the heart of all marketing activities. The 5P paradigm can be perfectly suited to the Internet and the main Internet marketing model can remain in this direction, given all the changes and new market requirements (place = location).
The marketing mix, despite its many forms, is designed for physical products and/or services. With the advent of the Internet, the buying / selling process has changed and neither the consumer nor the customer has been in direct contact with the product he wants to buy, but he can :
A) Look at the product and see its quality ;
B) Talk to the sales manager using any device;
C) Know the order, payment method and delivery;
D) Inform about the possibility of returning the goods.
Based on previous research and all aspects of the modern Internet market, we believe that the following model will be more suitable for Internet marketing: 5P (product; place; price; promotion; person)

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