The digital development and transformation in the field of information and communication technologies is transforming the economy and society. Economic processes and business activities are becoming increasingly technical and, at the same time, the business processes themselves are being digitized. Digital technologies are enabling new, innovative and valuable business models. 

The widespread use of the internet, digital technologies, access for the majority of the population, and the flexibility and speed of the online business process are driving more and more people to use digital products and services. Especially today, when physical travel is limited due to the global pandemic (COVID-19). Digital technologies make it possible to do business and earn money without leaving home. 

In addition, the active use of digital tools and platforms is contributing to the emergence of entirely new types of jobs. The main challenge of a global nature today is the spread of the Coronavirus infection, which has taken the form of a pandemic and plunged the economies of countries around the world, into an unprecedented crisis.

 It should be noted that the whole situation is complicated during the pandemic. This is due to the fact that the cause of the crisis does not seem to lie in the economy but in public health. On the one hand, it is also clear that the efficiency of the performance of the health sector has become a directly important factor in the economy and public life. The aforementioned challenge – COVID-19, today, is also a good opportunity for the economy and digital companies to create more digital and innovative value based on concepts. During a pandemic, the digital economy is the only growth area that will be important to focus on in the post-pandemic period.

We believe that the digitization of society and the economy will be the main direction that will radically change the global and local business environment, as well as business models and the entire entrepreneurial ecosystem.

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