Data are gold but health data are pure and a precious gold mine. Indeed, we can use them for clinical research. Understanding decease and how the body works is actually easier with health data. Nevertheless, due to the value of these data, some people trying to steal them in the purpose of gaining money by selling them on the black market.

The purpose of the European Heath Data Space

The European Commission aims to create a framework for sharing health data by establishing ” clear rules, common standards and practices, infrastructure and a framework’s governance”. The principal of health data will be shared by the European Union member states. They will have to share health data in a single European format to facilitate interoperability between them. Data will be used in two ways, the first one is for the furniture of services and the second one is for clinical research and public politic’s elaboration.

Who can access to the secured and closed European Health Data Space ?

According to the European Commission, the European Health Data Space will be accessible by the citizen of the European Union. They will be able to access and add, if they want to, their electronic data. By giving this opportunity, people will have the control of their own health data. Furthermore, practitioners as doctors, scientific researchers, industrialists and regulators will also have an access to the data integrated. To respect the legislation, all of them won’t be able to nominative data. One exception is made for doctors when they processing their patient’s data. To sum up, the European Health Data Space is the first of this kind. Nevertheless, it must be secured and trusted by the citizen if it wants to last over time.

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