Using the Artificial Intelligence (IA) IBM Watson Specially trained, the Lexus manufacturer has made the world’s first advertising scripted by artificial intelligence.
A script entirely written by an artificial intelligence.
For the Launch of the latest Lexus ES in Europe, the Japanese manufacturer has contacted IBM (Watson), THE & PARTNERSHIP And Visual Voice companies for the purpose of making an advertisement.
First of all, Kevin Macdonald (Oscar winner) who is the advertising campaign director and these companies had to analyze by the AI fifteen years of award-winning advertisements for luxury cars. Then they created a scenario from elements delivered by the AI. After all, the rendering given by the AI in this advertising film which gives domination of the machine on man impression looks like a high-end car spot.
The advertising film from the scenario written by the AI
The Advertising begins with a face-to-face between the car and its engineer in a kind of futuristic garage. The technician must let his creation go on test outside but seems anxious, in the image of the heartbeats that resonate during the final inspection of the car. Conversely, motionless and silent, the Lexus seems confident of it and its technology. Without a driver, the car turns on itself and leaves alone. Returning from it turn, the car must undergo a crash test when press and photographers were on the lookout. The engineer looks at the retransmission of this highly publicized test, the pressure is strong, he fears that the car will fail. The Lexus is then pulled by a cable to propel it at full speed on a truck.
The AI gives mind to the car
Among the data provided to the AI for learning, there is data on the emotional response of people looking at advertisements. From this data, “ The AI have correlated objects, actions and places causing a human emotional response. Based on these informations, AI has developed the ability to “trigger” different emotions in the viewer’s advertising’’ explains the manufacturer.

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