Comparing with last year’s 50th anniversary, the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas (CES) is even grander. More than 255,000 square meters of exhibition area which including more than 900 startups, 3900 exhibitors, 20000 new releases, 7000 global media, 170 participants from around the world makes a new record. CES 2018 has once again become a global focus.
People all hope to see the future from this science and technology event. However, this is not easy. Google secret laboratory “X” founder Sebastian Trong said in an interview with Xinhua News Agency: “The speed of technology development far exceeds the human imagination”. While you are excited about how magic these new technologies are and could not believe it, in fact you are already in the new era.
In 2018, mankind has begun to fully build the data age. Steve Canegger, senior director of marketing research of CES, told reporters: “We have officially entered the data age from the Internet era in which we live, and this process is not a simple conversion.”
Artificial intelligence drives industry change
From Stephen Hawking, Elon Musk’s, “Do Not Get Too Fast,” to Mark Zuckerberg’s “Accelerated Progress”, almost everyone has reached an agreement, no matter what its view on the development of artificial intelligence: Although the development of artificial intelligence is still in its infancy, it is driving a new era that will make possible to solve existing problems in the industry.
As open source algorithms become more common, artificial intelligence is becoming the “standard” for all industries. Google and other giants have been computing their own platform for a long time, but now the algorithm is no longer a difficult threshold.
At this exhibition, Baidu launched the “Apollo 2.0” platform for autopilot technology. All four modules of its cloud service, software platform, reference hardware platform and reference vehicle platform are fully open with over 90 partners.
“Algorithm + Software” model is becoming a common mode of many enterprises. Compared with last year, artificial intelligence related enterprises at this year’s show have sprung up, covering almost all technical fields. Almost all of them are armed with artificial intelligence to their teeth, whether they are industry giants or startups. Among them, the realization of human-computer interaction through natural language and the building of trust and elimination of prejudice through artificial intelligence are currently most willing to be solved.
Data fully penetrate the physical world
However, the data age does not simply mean numbers, networks and connections. As Christiano Amon, president of QUALCOMM Corporation, gave at the show a metaphor: “the data will be just as often used as electricity, and we should rightly assume that it is there”. People say they want more data, he said, and fifth generation mobile technology (5G) will provide a massive data world that will ensure full networking of all activities in all areas.
One of the best stories in the data age is autopilot, the hottest topic of the show. Driving is no longer simply a move, it’s no longer just a feature that’s interlinked with other technologies, but a very complex new task built on the back of massive amounts of data like maps, environments, sensors and more. At the same time, data-driven security issues are beginning to attract much attention. Experts are urging the industry to add more input to data security.
Brian Kerzhanich, CEO of Intel Corporation, said in the opening keynote speech: “Data is giving birth to a new wave of technological innovations and everyone has the opportunity”.

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