Compacts discs are dead and well-buried 6 feet under. Physical sales in the music industry are progressively decreasing, benefiting to digital sales.

Digital revenues are contesting income from disk sales. Trendy, a couple years ago, streaming has become the main way for music consumption.We can make the transition from the music’s property to the music’s access.


With 41 million subscriptions in 2014, streaming’s future looks bright. The evolution of this type of service has been linear in recent years. Such growth illustrates that business is driven a modeled stream.

This new way of consumption also allows, both on an accessibility and availability standpoint, to listen to more music. It also matches perfectly modern society consumption characteristics: immediate, eclectic and intuitive.

In the past months, the battle around this industry has intensified. The digital giants all seem to want to seize this industry.

Recently, 14 years after launching iTunes, Apple drives into streaming. Some specialists consider Apple’s recent move as a proof of a true business model.

Even if the late arrival of Apple seems successful, competition beside the originals competiters on this market does not seem to be proven

Does this additional streaming service will transform the way we listen to music?

Thus streaming , real revolution in the mode of consumption of the music industry,it is about to undergo further mutations leading to other revolutions?

Two goals must be achieved to stand it for the traditional way to listen the music by streaming.

First, if the streaming is attractive thanks to a large catalogue and reduces any additional physical clutter from any supports, the different offers have to create a true customer experience so they remain competitive. People’s tastes and way of lives have to be taken into account, so the customer experience is relevant.

Secondly, regarding the importance of the lobby in this industry, streaming has to deal with a better remuneration of the artist. Recently , an agreement between Deezer and the three majors of the music industry allows Universal, Sony and Warner to obtain and sell up to 20 % stake in the streaming service , valued 1 billion. But this arrangement, which also exists with other platforms like Spotify , is outrageous for the artists whose interests are clearly harmed. To the point that one may question the legality of the process.

Five weeks after the launch of Apple Music , the American publisher claimed 11 million members for its new music streaming service . The first three months are free it was still too early to talk about plebiscite.  Moreover, according to a study, MusicWatch, from a representative panel of 5,000 americans consumers, the retention rate of Apple Music is quite low with nearly one in two users leaving the service after trying it .


Audrey SERTILLANGE  Étudiante en Master 2 Gestion et Droit de l’Économie Numérique de l’université de Strasbourg curieuse de nature je suis passionnée par l’innovation et les questions juridiques qu’elle engendre. J’éprouve un intérêt particulier pour le droit de la propriété intellectuelle appliqué aux nouvelles technologies.

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