Announced since 2009 but finally put in drawers, the universal charger represents today a real debate in the European Union.
Today, all members in charge of the project are more committed than ever to realizing this ambitious project. However, a time limit of 3 years has been established for its implementation.
Beyond that, the parliament approved a new directive in a informal agreement with the Europeans governments to place quickly this product on the market.
Indeed, the directive states that all electrical radio equipments, which are authorized in the unique market, should be compatible with universal chargers.
Goal of the universal charger
As the result of the extensive development of new technologies, the environment is being heavily polluted.
As we can see it nowadays, the threat of our environment has led to a strong reaction worldwide particularly in the developed countries where consumers and environmentalists are taking notice of the problem.
During the last 10 years, several laws and regulations have been approved to protect the environment but it seems that all this is not enough to face the problems of the environment. And in this context the availability of a universal charger has been judged useful by the Europeans authorities.
Others advantages of universal charger
Besides ecological benefits, the universal charger will also allow consumers to lower the volume of waste and therefore to reduce the impact on the environment. It will facilitate furthermore life of consumers who, after replacement of their mobile, have not used the ancient and this last became a bulky object.
It is also important to underlie that this universal charger will not be limit only to mobiles. Otherwise, its use will be expended on others terminals like tablets, GPS
Even if the most actors like Nokia, Sony and Samsung… were happy with the project, Apple will not be certainly happy because it uses a specific charger for its smartphones.
However, the consumers should be patience because this famous charger will be placed on the market in the coming 3 years like announced by the European commissioner in charge of the project.
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