The new model called «PC Plus» will be running Android and Windows 8.1.

In 2014, well known notebook manufacturers will bring into their new models the «world» of Android and more specifically the huge variety of applications developed for Google’s ecosystem. Named as «PC Plus», this new category of laptops will have touch screen and will use Windows 8.1 as basic operating system, thus the latest version of Microsoft’s platform. At the same time, they will give access to all programs created for Android’s smart devices.

The news of the arrival of this year’s «PC plus» computer on which Windows will coexist with Android, came a few days ago by Tim Bajarin and Patrick Moorhead, analysts at Creative Strategies and Moor Insights & Strategy Companies. The unveiling of the first models will take place at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) exhibition of technology in Las Vegas. In the CES stands, the original samples of this new category of laptops will be conventional laptops as well as hybrid machines, meaning with detachable keyboards or special mechanisms to transform from notebooks to tablets and vice versa.

Although most manufacturers keep even now their cards closed, Asus made ​​sure to have already confirmed the two specialists by posting a short video about the new «PC plus» machine. Although the video does not reveal many details, not even the name of the device, it indicates that with this technology both softwares will coexist, allowing the user to choose which will be displayed at any time on the screen.


According to the two analysts, these models present two major advantages compared to the machines that rely exclusively on Windows. First of all, they will enable Android’s smartphone owners to use at their computer the same programs installed in their mobiles. Moreover, they will provide solutions to the most serious defect that Windows might show up today, which is the limited number of applications supporting touchscreens. Therefore, thanks to Android, the software available for handling … fingers will sharply increase.

The only point that Bajarin disagrees with Moorhead is on the technologies that the companies «PC Plus» will utilize on their devices. The analyst of Creative Strategies argues that in most models the «presence» of Android will be primarily limited into the compatible application’s access. For this reason, they will incorporate sophisticated simulation software (emulator), as the templates of Bluestacks program, published in March 2012, which allows Windows or Mac computer owners to use Android applications at their computers.

On the other hand, according to Moorhead, manufacturers will summon more than one way in order to customize Google’s ecosystem into their PC. In fact, he predicts that some companies will choose the two operating systems to coexist on an equal basis into their machines, meaning that these computers will offer all the functions that a «smart» Android device has.



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