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Apple will order high-definition screens for the next generation iPad Mini from Samsung, which is the major rival for the Californian firm. It is expected that the new Retina-tablet will appear on the market this year.
Samsung will be the only one who will supply the displays for Apple iPad Mini Retina. Apple also depends on LG Display and Sharp, previously considered as the sole supplier.
According to preliminary data, the new model will retain the same form factor with a screen diagonal of 7.9 inches. In addition, the company decided to release several color options for the rear cover plate.
Nevertheless, Apple faced some difficulties in this production. That’s the reason why the analysts and suppliers expect a delay in the release of the new mini-tablet.
Apple has not yet decided on the use of the Retina display in the iPad Mini due to problems with suppliers. In this regard, market analysts from Citi Research and NPD Display Search pushed the release of iPad Mini Retina in 2014. Both firms predict the appearance this year of the updated version of the iPad Mini, but without a Retina screen.
This situation makes us to think about the inability of Apple to distance itself from the South Korean giant on the field of electronics consumer, which is the main Apple competitor but also a commercial partner as well. With the iPhone, the situation is somehow different. Apple has decided to order chips for the next generation iPhone from different Asian suppliers that will reduce the dependence of Samsung.

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