Huawei Mate 20: what to expect?

In the occasion of the event on October 16 in London, Huawei introduced its new generation of smartphones which includes three products: Mate 20, Mate 20 Pro and Mate 20 X. After the launch of the new smartphones, does it meet supports’expectations? 

The first show of Kirin 980

The new series of Mate 20 is the first series with the latest chip Kirin 980. The leading technology of Kirin980 improves extremely the smartphone’s performance. Task and operation speed have been increased. To explain precisely and numerically, 75% CPU performance upgrade, 58% CPU power efficiency upgrade, 46% GPU performance upgrade and 178% GPU power efficiency upgrade.

There is another remarkable feature which is the function of SuperCharge. It means a rapid charge to provide a huge battery. As Huawei said : quick, safe and worry free.

Leica Triple Camera: powerful photographic function

It is always noticeable to mention the photographic capacity. This time, Huawei continues to innovate this function.

The triple camera are composed of the 12MP main RGB lens, the 8 MP telephoto lens and the 16 MP Leica Ultra Wide Angle Lens. These cameras powered by AI give us the possibility to capture great details, to focus on distant shoots and to capture an imposingly wide perspective. Moreover, with new cameras, Mate 20 is able to take clear photo in low-light.

This innovation of three cameras is highly appreciated by shutterbugs for its photos with high quantity, but also there is a lot of people who criticized that this iconic square design combining Leica Tripe Camera and one flash resemble a bathroom-master.

New appearance: innovative but also classic

Mate 20 has three colors to choose: midnight blue, black and twilight.

For the visual appearance, Huawei had some innovations. First of all, it is the full screen. Mate 20 has a great screen-to-body ratio which means a distinct clarity and striking color. Secondly, the back of phone is easier to handle. Also, the color of back is bright. Finally, Huawei uses LCD and OLED screen, which are comfortable to watch.


Huawei started already to sell series Mate 20 in the European area. However, in his domestic market, China, the time of launching is after the event in London, on 26 October in Shanghai.

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