Le Bitcoin, une monnaie virtuelle

Aujourd’hui, à chaque transaction effectuée sur internet même sécurisée, nous prenons le risque de nous faire pirater nos coordonnées bancaires. En France, 500 000 personnes sont chaque année victimes de fraude à la carte bancaire et, au niveau mondial, ce type de piratage coûte plus de 900 milliards d’euros par an.

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The discovery of Google AdSense

Nowadays Google AdSense is considered one of the most powerful online advertising networks. With a more and more effective use, Google AdSense gives to everybody an easy way to earn money with his Website. Nevertheless this opportunity has a cost. Indeed, to obtain these services, the user has to consent many compromising…
We met each other
The discovery of Google AdSense will allow a important and quick return on investment for his Website. Who has never seen an online advertisement saying ‘’I earn a second wage with AdSense’’? The interested blogger will try this monetization because its creation and validation can be initiated easily and quickly. Every attempt has been made to reassure the user thanks to conciliatory marketing and communication. Google AdSense proposes many technical, business and marketing solutions on several platforms (blog, FAQs or social networks). This dynamism is also strengthened by an important online community, which intends to raise the user’s trust. (suite…)

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