When art and digital meet each other (1/3)

Since the beginning of time, art fascinates, surprises, leaves speechless, provokes questioning, takes us on journeys, stirs us up and sometimes even revolts us. Despite this ability to play with our emotions, the artistic community always want to go further, especially with the growing era of digital.
Digital art 1
We can consider that digital is serving art but can we really talk of digital art ? Many debates are taking place around this subject. Indeed, it is quite difficult to find one of the seven artistics disciplines “undigitalised” : music, dance, painting or even literature, all of them are connected to the present world. It is necessary to highlight the difference between digital art and contemporary art. Although similar in many points, there is an undisputable difference : the “systematic” use of an informatic tool. A digital work of art can be a contemporary one but the opposite can only be true if there is the use of a digital tool. (suite…)

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