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FIFA World Cup 2022: a new target for cyber-attacks and privacy threats?

While a major global event approaches, cyber-attacks often increase. Back to 2018, Russia, the host nation of the FIFA World Cup was the prey to such incidents. 25 million cyber-attacks were shut off by the Russian security services. Fast forward to November 2022, Qatar is the country where the football tournament is held and with this, security issues peak with 1.7 million expected attendees.


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What’s a Zombie computer and how does it work?

zombie computers

As scary as it sounds, your computer can be zombified and obey under the commands of a total stranger, without even you realizing it. Before assuming it cannot happen to you, bear in mind that millions of computers globally belong to the zombie network… Or else, the Botnet. (suite…)

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Assurance-produit, «bouclier» contre les cyber-attaques

Les attaques électroniques sont une réalité quotidienne. Et si les entreprises devaient être assurées pour le risque de vol et d’incendie, maintenant elles doivent avoir une couverture dans le cyberespace.

Le premier produit d’assurance en Grèce, qui couvre les violations dans les systèmes électroniques de l’entreprise est “CyberEdg”, lancé par Chartis.

Et comme dit le directeur financier de Chartis, Kostas Voulgaris, “une liste de catégories d’entreprises susceptibles d’être plus exposées aux risques sont certainement les organismes financiers, les e-boutiques, les télécommunications et les services de santé, mais il faut ajouter aussi les hôtels, les chaînes de magasins, les transports et les établissements d’enseignement”.


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Cyber-attack on a Lithuanian news portal

During the 2013 Eurovision song contest, the Lithuanian revealed rigged voting from Lithuania giving extra votes to Russia. Obviously it is not cricket and not a good omen for Lithuania which will take over the EU presidency soon…cedric

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The revelation of such news had relative impacts on the Internet in Lithuania.
Indeed, a threatening email was sent to editors of the DELFI website jeopardising them if they did not remove the article dealing with the vote-rigging scandal of the Eurovision song contest. However, the editors decided not to budge. As a consequence, DELFI was subjected to a “distributed denial of service” (DDOS) attack, which means a great deal of bogus requests made the web pages and other services which are hosted on the targeted servers not available to the rest of the world.

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