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As every year, Riot Games, the developer of the game League Of Legends, organizes the world championship that brings together the best players from all over the world. This year, the event will take place in South Korea from 10th October to 19th November.

What is League of Legends?

Before getting to the heart of the matter, let’s first explain the purpose of this video game that has emerged as one of the most popular games for many years.
League of Legends is an online video game where two teams compete within the «Summoner’s Rift».

Each player chooses a character called a “champion”, each with unique skills. The main objective is to destroy the enemy base while defending their own. Players earn gold by killing enemies and completing objectives, allowing them to purchase equipment to strengthen their champions. The game is based on cooperation and strategy.  

The Worlds return to South Korea after 5 years of absences.

After five years of waiting, League of Legends fans are preparing to revisit the game’s flagship competition in the iconic esports home of South Korea.

The competition will take place in Seoul but also in Busan, while the final will take place within the “Sky Dome” of Seoul.

Credit : Seoul Metropolitan Government

The return of the competition to South Korea is not trivial, as explained by LoL Esports Global Head, Naz Aletaha :

“Korea is synonymous with excellence in esports and gaming, with a passionate community of fans and a legacy of developing some of the world’s most talented players.”

“We’re thrilled to bring Worlds back to the birthplace of esports and home of the LCK, and look forward to celebrating the best-of-the-best in League with fans in Korea and around the world this fall.”

This testimony shows the fervour around the competition, but especially the excitement of finding South Korea at the front of the E-sports scene.

The challenge of this edition: Faker’s potential victory in South Korea

In addition to the worldwide reputation of this event, another challenge will be played during this edition.

Faker, a player with the SK Telecom 1 team and considered the best player in the history of League of Legends, will have the opportunity to win the world championship in his native country, a feat he failed to achieve during his career.

T1 Faker (Photo : Colin Young-Wolff)

The world’s organization 2023

Changes have been made by Riot Games to the global organization for this 2023 edition.

To sum up, the competition will be played within the following phases: 
Play-in: 10th15th October
The Swiss Stage: 19th to 23rd October and 26th to 29th October
Knockouts: 2nd to 12th November
The final: 19th November

So there are only a few weeks of waiting to see the best players from all over the world gather in the capital of E-sports.


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