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In recent years, the world of sports has undergone numerous technological innovations. Some advances are intended to improve performance, others to keep players healthy. The novelty we will talk about in this article is the basketball of the future, by Wilson.

3D printing enters the world of basketball

This basketball prototype intrigues basketball specialists, especially on its main feature: a 3D-printed ball that is – airless.

Indeed, unlike classic basketball, the ball from Wilson does not require any inflation. Thus, technology specific to this prototype eliminates, for example, the problem related to the pressure of the ball. This ensures the ball has a consistent shape and a much more stable performance than a conventional ball.

Increased accuracy

In addition to eliminating ball inflation constraints, the technology used by Wilson brings significant advantages in terms of accuracy. This ball offers new sensations without upsetting the habits of basketball players. Changes that are therefore rather positive and that could one day revolutionize the world of basketball by optimizing the use and performance of players.

An American basketball player, KJ Martin, tried it and testified :

“I can palm it and dribble it well”

“[Wilson] sponsors the NBA and the basketball I use every day. Since I was younger, I was always playing with their basketballs, whether it was in the backyard or playing in AAU tournaments. It shows where technology is.” (source:

KJ Martin also used this ball at the 2023 NBA Slam Dunk Contest, a competition that brings together the best dunkers in the league in a spectacular show.

(Credit : Wilson)

A very resistant ball that meets the needs of the game

Basketball is known to be a particularly physical and intense sport, so the equipment must be robust and have reliable characteristics.

With that in mind, Wilson has integrated this aspect in the design of its prototype in order to reduce the consequences of intensive play on the equipment, reducing at the same time the costs related to the wear of basketball. This ball is also designed to withstand changing weather conditions, which could also appeal to street ball (outdoor basketball) players.

A craze among basketball players

Since the announcement of this prototype and the demonstration carried out by KJ Martin this year, many basketball players, whether players or coaches, are particularly enthusiastic about the idea of using this new technology on a daily basis.

However, the integration of this new ball could take time to arrive to the NBA floor, so nothing is certain for the future, even if the technological advances in basketball and sport in general are becoming more and more important in recent years.


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