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Internet users nowadays, always attached to their phones, are more sensitive to the content that they see while navigating social media. They are perpetually waiting for promotions, new trends, and being up-to-date on all products launched. This being said, influencers play a major role in transmitting this information to the navigators while empowering client confidence and relationship towards the brand, as well as contributing to reinforcing product reputation.

Different types, different methods, one unique goal

Studies have shown that more than 78% of people had already bought an item after being influenced by a content creator on Instagram.

Practising this job requires both attractivity and friendliness. The Power to enhance confidence and build strong relationships with our followers is essential.

Influencers always existed, but being a lucrative full-time job has only been exploited in these recent years. We can observe a boom in their presence on a wide range of social media, such as YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat and TikTok. Despite the number of media and types of products, all influencers have one thing in common: a loyal community.

It can be from writing articles, promoting fashion trends, food bloggers or content creators, influencers are usually divided into 4 categories. We have Macro-influencers and Micro-influencers. The former usually have over 100 000 followers while the latter have roughly between 1000 and 100 000 followers. The third category belongs to the celebrity and the fourth to the employees, which can be a strong element in building trust in consumers.

A win-win situation

Becoming an influencer can’t be done overnight. It is the result of many years of hard work, failures, bumpy roads and obstacles. Being able to reach such a big number of followers that trust and believe in you is not easy.

It is very important to acknowledge that promoting our brand via influencers on social media can dramatically increase our profits. These people have dedicated their life to transmitting messages, talking to their followers and attracting people. Real power is in their hands.

Influencing, by promoting product cost way lower than other marketing promotion methods. It is known that working with influencers can lead to a much higher ROI. Moreover, advertising products are attractively designed ways: something that content creators are used to and happy to make.

In addition, we all know that customers, to be loyal, need to trust the brand and build a deep meaningful connection and relationship. Well, influencers have a similar goal: Build strong connections with their followers. Both the company and the influencers are working together on the same steps. Audiences that usually follow a celebrity will have the same interest and similarities. Therefore, choosing the right influencer to promote our products can have a direct impact on our target consumers. A long-term, mutually beneficial relationship is formed

On another hand, some influencers have multiple platforms. And sometimes, the presence of our target is not concentrated in one medium. So, one unique influencer can reach multiple target destinations. And when they mention our brand, they usually put links or hashtags. This way, a higher boost in SEO and traffic toward our page, better Google representation and ranking

Celebrities are considered trustworthy people, who wouldn’t want to wear the same dress as Kylie Jenner, for example? if she wears it, it means it’s a good one.

The prominence of social media influencers in the Middle East – International Finance

It is impossible to neglect the power of social media influencing, also known as some sort of subconscious marketing.
The more we grow our community, the better our chance of influencing a wider range of people. And choosing the right influencer can be a very smart way to market our products around the world, and increase our traffic and brand awareness.

This task is not an easy one, not everyone can become an influencer and it requires years of building trust, gaining followers, and creating attractive content. It is the result of transparency and authenticity. It results in shaping consumers’ thoughts and behaviours.


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