The female robot, Tang Yu, runs a business

Robots are intruding more and more in our private life. Thanks to artificial intelligence, they have made a lot of progress those past years. We found them everywhere: in some innovative hotels, or in the intimate sphere with sexual dolls. However, this is the first time in history that a company have granted all of this power to a robot. Tang Yu is the first female robot to run a business in 2022.



Source: francetvinfo

The origins of Tang YU

It is unprecedented but it is a reality. This robot was created by the renowned Chinese company who operates in video games.  The idea of a robot which hold on the reins of power dates back to 2017. At this moment, the company’s goal was to prove that the robot that appears in video games could exist as well in real life. This is how she was created. In the beginning, she occupied the second place at the company but recently, she has been promoted as CEO of a subsidiary company, the Fujian Netdragon Websoft. Just as a human being, this robot CEO has physical characteristics like a real woman and can talk thanks to artificial intelligence. She wears suit to work.  Like a human, she can also sign documents and lead meeting.

Robots, first competitors of humans

Having a robot CEO of a company has many advantages according to the representatives of the Chinese company in question. Fir st of all, the robot works hard, he doesn’t need to take a rest to recharge,he is always available. Second, he helps to lighten the company expenses because he doesn’t have any salary.  However, we wonder about the future of humans.Will robots definitively replace us? Can a robot take a logic decision for a company? Is a robot endowed with conscience to take weigh its decisions? Already, for certain operational tasks such as cash management, housekeeping, robots are favored by employers. To address those issues, work on the ethic of artificial intelligence must continue.