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A year ago, the Irish Data Protection Authority had already imposed on Meta Platforms Ireland Limited “Meta IE” more precisely on WhatsApp, a fine of €225 million. In 2022, the DPA had also fined Facebook €17 million.

On 2022 July 28th, this time the DPA is imposing a record penalty on a social media company of €405 million.
Chair Andrea Jelinek said: “This is a historic decision. Not just because of the height of the fine – this is the second highest fine since the entry into application of the GDPR – it is also the first EU-wide decision on children’s data protection rights. With this binding decision, the EDPB makes it extra clear that companies targeting children have to be extra careful. Children deserve specific protection with regard to their personal data.”

The Meta group has indicated that it wants to appeal the decision.
The group believes it already has effective measures in place to protect the personal data of minors.

For exemple,  to restricting the sending of messages from adult users to minor users. And making regular prevention on instagram for minors to set their account to private.

Meta told the Irish authority that it is developing new artificial intelligence technologies that would check the age of each user.

At least six other investigations concerning the Meta group are underway.

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