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Logistics in e-commerce


The evolution and development of technology are about to change many aspects of the logistics sector. During the pandemic, we quickly understood the importance of supply chains, with their crisis having a serious impact on the economy. The Covid-19 pandemic has definitely changed logistics on different levels. But with this new generation of transport methods and live tracking of packages, cargo is bound to use the new processes. For instance, the use of routing programs allowed parcels to be delivered faster.

We should not forget that artificial intelligence technologies play an important role in this field. With the developments on the storage side as well as smart robots, virtual reality and artificial intelligence, products are collected and packed even faster before being sent to customers. It is therefore in the companies’ interests to start thinking about using these new technologies.

During the pandemic, many brands have adapted to the digital world. Interestingly, many brands began to operate both in-store and online. This made sellers realise that e-commerce platforms bring them just one small step away from selling online.

Also, cross-border e-commerce is increasing day by day. And despite not being a novelty, several brands still ignore that.

Many companies also started using automatic packaging. That’s good news, given that local and sustainable delivery is becoming more and more important every day.



Another aspect we should not forget is the role of robots in e-commerce. Robots come into play in logistics to help increase the revenue of online retailers and shipping companies. Robots are also more intelligent than ever, which led a number of giant companies to include robots in their e-commerce operations. Also, a lot of cargo companies now use automatic packaging, as they use more and more robots for their servicing. Again, really good news for e-commerce companies. Technology will certainly continue to be used in many ways to keep on making our lives easier.



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