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How to be visible even when the consumer isn’t connected? The web is not the only place to advertise. It is possible to exploit the street and urban spaces to advertise. This practice is called street marketing. It allows the consumer to discover the brand and to interact with it in a simple way. When it is original, this technique allows to get the attention of the consumer.

Concept of street marketing

Street marketing represents all practices ranging from the distribution of flyers in the street to the organization of events in the street. It is a way to manage sales promotion but also events, sales animation, and operational marketing.

The objective is to implement a close communication with consumers. It also allows to promote the products of the brand while staging them thanks to an event.

This technique is used to:

  • Launch a product
  • Launch a promotional campaign
  • Promote a brand
  • Offer gifts to consumers
  • Test products

This method captures the attention of consumers who will talk about the event around them and spread the word of mouth. Street marketing also allows to create sympathy towards the brand.

An original way to get known

When Netflix arrived in France in 2014 for example, the platform used the digital advertising screens in Paris to make its communication campaign. Hundreds of animated GIFs were displayed in train stations, on the streets or in shopping malls, featuring the symbolic and popular characters of Netflix series.

In addition to being original with the use of GIFs, Netflix made sure that these animations varied according to what the viewer was experiencing at this moment. If it was raining at this moment, then the screen would adapt to the situation and the character would also be in the rain. This GIF communication campaign made its effect, Netflix has been much talked about and entered the heart of the conversations.


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