Diabeloop is a young independent French company. Its main activity is to develop disruptive technological innovations for diabetes treatment to improve its patient’s quality of life. From the 8th to the 11th January 2019, Diabeloop introduced its artificial pancreas at the Consumer Electronic Show (CES), the world’s leading technology event.

How does it work ?

Diabetes is a disease that affects millions of people all over the world. These people need insulin injections in order to live.
Diabeloop undertook the challenge to create an artificial organ which simulates the natural secretion of insulin from the pancreas. Three devices are connected together : an insulin pump, a glucose sensor and a smartphone-like terminal device hosting the algorithm. The pumps job is to deliver a certain amount of insulin. The injection quantity is based on the results obtained every 5 minutes from the terminal.

Marketing planned in 2019

The company wants its device to be open to the public, and filled the procedure to obtain European marketing authorisation. Diabeloop earned the CE marking for its device in November 2018. Therefore, we shall soon see its commercialisation on the French market. But unfortunately, the device will be only available to adults suffering from type 1 diabetes. A medical prescription must be established by a diabetologist to obtain the product.
Currently, Diabeloop is working on a similar automated insulin delivery system for  6 to 12 year old children suffering from diabetes. Some clinical trials will be performed to investigate its efficacy. Diabeloop’s mission is to provide devices that improve patients’ lives, regardless of their age.
Picture : “Diabetes” by Nick Youngson CC BY-SA 3.0 Alpha Stock Images

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