Fundition has been created by Aytaç Cetinkaya, a young developer from Strasbourg, who had the ambition to create a collaborative and decentralized crowdfunding platform which can promote and rewards any project. He decides to develop this innovative tool through Steem* ecosystem.

Backer : On fundition website, you can donate without paying any fees ! Thanks to steem protocol, a backer can help a cause and a founder, and will be sure that one hundred percent of his investment will reward the founder.

Founder : If you have an idea of a project or a dedication, you can be helped by Fundition’s community. It is also a way to meet people and find partners all around the world. To get rewards, founders have to be creative and attractive by giving regular updates and information about the project evolution.

Collaborator : The name “Fundition” comes from two notions : fund and collaboration. Founders have dreams, and the platform objective is to link them to financial contributors and collaborators. So everypeople can be part of a team, to help founders realize their dream.

Fundition website is very intuitive, easy to use, friendly designed and accessible in 13 languages. I suggest you to visit and explore some projects from founders all around the world, and i hope that you will find something you are interested in, to become a part of a collaborative project.

*”Steem is a blockchain database that supports community building and social interaction with cryptocurrencies rewards”

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