Foodvisor is a french start-up which uses artificial intelligence (AI)  and image recognition to serve a daily-life problem : eating disorders.
It proves that the use of those technologies isn’t reserved only for research, or very complex problems such as creating autonomous cars or sending rockets in space.
By developing its own deep learning algorithms, Foodvisor’s team is engaged in food tracking in order to offer people a way to have better information about food and to help them to make better and healthier choices.
In fact, Foodvisor is a mobile application, even the first-one, which let users know what is exactly in their plate by giving with precision information about quantities and nutritional composition.
But are you serious?  the first one ? really ? Because there are already plenty of applications like that…
The feature which lets us say that it’s the first-one is that this app presents a special innovation concerning photos.
The application gives all nutritional information thanks to deep learning from a simple photo of your dish.
The application differs from the competitors by proposing a fast, user-friendly and « funny » way to follow food habits and to reach the fixed objectives.
Thanks to its team of researchers, nutritionists and engineers, Foodvisor managed to develop an efficient analysis technology in order to serve users health and nutritional needs.
Although, it still requires some accuracy improvements, especially for very similar foods. But the AI is already very functional.
In general, the application can be considered a smart nutritional coach who tries to help people to adopt better eating habits, in a faster and less-restrictive way.
The app also tracks weight and sports activities as well as the ability to add specific foods to its diary by scanning the barcode, all this included in the free version.
However, in its premium version, the app has recently proposed a more personalized follow-up that includes programs, recipes and personalized advices from professionals who can be directly reached through a chat.
It remains now to follow its evolution and its adoption by the community. But, it seems that Foodvisor presents a credible alternative to nutritionists, and a great ally for people with the information and support that they need in their diet.

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