2017 is the year of renewal for Google Glass. Indeed, in 2015 the first Google glass were a failure and they were removed from the market. Today Google comes back with Google Glass but specialized for business.
The Google glass marketing in 2013 was too far ahead of their time, the product was overpriced and caused privacy problems, so they failed to break through. But this failure concerned  only the general public and Google did not give up and worked on  glasses for enterprise, another market to win.
Since 2015, Google has worked on these Google glass and has had it tested by large companies, such as Volkwagen or General Motors. In July 2017, Google announced that they would market “Glass Enterprise Edition”.

Indeed, this can be a good idea, since smart and connected glasses seem, for the moment, more appreciated by companies than the general public. With augmented reality glasses which are still very expensive, it is more appropriate to target companies. And Google is not the only company that is interested in this business, Microsoft will also release its glasses “Microsoft HoloLens”.

Google Glass Reality Glasses are very attractive for companies because it allows them to increase productivity by providing help to employees who can view additional information about reality while keeping their hands free. This may be useful for maintenance or repairs of machines.
Thus, augmented reality glasses are really very interesting in professional use, especially in trades where workers need real-time information and extra to reality. Factories and hospitals can therefore use these glasses as a high-performance work tool.

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