Australian E-commerce company MySale stated that it will purchase a substantial part of Identity Direct Company’s trade business and property. Under the terms of agreement, MySale will also pay an additional 2.69 million Australian dollars(RMB 13.97million) for the right to Identity Direct’s personalised service. It is reported that, after the acquisition, MySale will keep some staff, the on-hand inventory worth 1.5million Australian dollars(RMB7.79million) and 66000 valid data of users as well. It is estimated that MySale’s data is worth about 2 million Austalian dollars (RMB 10.38million). What’s more, MySale takes over Identity Direct’s personalized product center in New Zealand. MySale suggests : “Personalized products are on an increase nowadays and Identity Direct’s users are relatively more direct. Meanwhile it supplements our data. Therefore, taking over Identity Direct is our strategic consideration.” After the acquisition, both sides will share part of services, improve the way of transportation and reduce the cost of payment. Consequently, it will serve to reduce MySale’s cost of operation.

Identity Direct Company was founded in 1992. It sells various products, including clothes, sports equipment, books, labels, school bags, cups and towels, etc. Besides, it cooperates with many famous brands, such as, Disney, Marvel, Sesame Street, Peppa Pig, children’s TV channel Nickelodeon as well as toy company Mattel, etc. It is known that Identity Direct has entered the market of Australia, Britain, USA, Canada and New Zealand while MYSALE has entered the market of HongKong, Singapore, Malaysia,  Thailand, New Zealand and Philippines.
Through this acquisition we can see two major trends: on the one hand, the e-commerce enterprises need to use the formed business platform to expand the market share; on the other hand, the resource of active users is the top priority of e-commerce providers.
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