Thermomix, this Graal of culinary robots, gathers the functions of multiple electronic devices in just one, which boils, kneads, mixes. It was manufactured by the German company Vorwerk, in 1961. Since then, Thermomix has not ceased to evolve until the release of the connected TM5.
I Thermomix: A free publicity
No dealer, no store, no company is ready to carry out the sale of Thermomix
A) Marketing from mouth to ear
The sale of Thermomix was established only by a door-to-door selling, thanks to meetings by Thermomix advisors with customers, who are the best partners. This connected jewelry is certainly not given 1536 euros, but the German engineers have found the solution of the multiple payment, over several years, being able to reach the price of 33e/month up to four years.
B) No need to plebiscite, even 20 years later
TM5 has created the well expected buzz, and this in spite of the silence concerning its entry on the market! Finally its touch screen, its integrated balance, or the possibility of programming the starting of a recipe, thanks to its Wifi connection system, has charmed the culinary geeks.

II The digital robot for everyone
The digitalization of this robot attracts by its simplicity and the insurance of a success
A) The key recipe: a gadget 2.0
We go through the books to the connected key: In the “cook key” the recipes are displayed on the screen, the instructions are preregistered stage by stage and the list of race is thus drawn up.
Before, Thermomix was selling all its recipes in books classified by topics. Today it is on usb key that the recipes are delivered, thanks to the synchronization of the cook key and Thermomix.
Cook-Key® is the accessory which enables you to directly connect your Thermomix® to the platform of recipes through Wifi connection. For the purchase of the TM5, a key of basic recipes is offered with more than 200 recipes.
And for the most ambitious, the sale of the cook key at the cost of 129 euros, with unlimited access has all the recipes (more than 2000) and then a subscription of 3e/month.
B) Functionalities due to the key
Despite the attention, the cook key functions only with Thermomix TM5 and synchronization requires a Wifi connection or only encoding WPA/WPA2 is support in the kitchen. Also for the first purchasers of the TM5, the update of the firmware is essential, and it is dangerous because it can cause bugs on the machine: it is all the system which is updated. This is why following many returns due to the update of the firmware, it’s already activated for the next sells.

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