Snapchat features keep changing since it has launched in 2011. At its creation, Snapchat allows us to share ephemeral photos and videos between users.

In December 2012, videos on Snapchat have been created. In October 2013, the tab « My Story » has been introduced. Users have the choice between sharing their videos and pictures with some other users or publishing them on their personal page – My story–  for 24 hours.


We also found this feature in other social networks as Facebook (as “My Timeline”) or Twitter by sharing the content in Public or in Private. In May 2014, Video Chat and instant messaging have been added to the application.

In June 2014, the application has developed « Live Stories ». According to Snapchat, «They are compilations of Snaps from Snapchaters at events and locations around the world »

In the same month, the application has introduced the Geo filters:  a feature that uses your location to offer you a filter of your city. Today, we have users who use it in thousands of cities.

However, all the cities are not saved in Snapchat. And to use it, the Snapchaters should have location mobile services (GPS). In August 2014, 40% of Youth under 18- in the States- use Snapchat daily.

In October 2014, Evan Spiegel has decided to generate profits and capitalize its application. For this, he launched advertising to monetize its platform.

Example of “Discover” on Snapchat in 2014

In January 2015, Snapchat has created « Discover timeline ». On My story, famous companies and medias publish many articles and videos about their brands.

Editorial contents are renewed every day. Nowadays, we only find English medias as MTV or BuzzFeed.

In 2016, many French medias have created their own accounts on Snapchat. Today, they are waiting for getting into Discover offer.

These medias record their daily life behind the scenes or share the News, in order to animate their accounts. Otherwise, some companies suggest interviews or surveys or reports.

French medias try to find a way to raise awareness among their target audience but their goal is to stay creative and unpredictable and to post regularly a new content.

In May 2015, Evan Spiegel has revealed some information about Snapchat during an interview with Bloomberg Group:

  • In 2015, 60% of 13-34 years old who have a smartphone in the USA were using Snapchat daily: With 40% of 13-17 year olds using it.
  • Everyday there are 2 Billion views and 400 million Snaps posted. And 100 million users who 65% of them post new pictures or videos.

In June 2015, Macdonald and General Electric have released their first sponsored Geo filters.

Example of a Lense with “hearts”

In July 2015, Snapchat has changed a feature: There is no need to hold a finger on the videos to watch Snaps and Stories.

In September 2015, the application has introduced the « Lenses » which is a new way to entertain the Snapchaters: it is a real time special effects and sounds. It’s a new way to let users having fun with the Augmented Reality

Otherwise, the number of views has doubled in few months: there are 4 billion views per day on Snapchat.

In December 2015, 36% of 18-29 years old in the USA had an account on Snapchat.

Therefore, this application is one of the first social networks used by generation Y.

What’s new on Snapchat in 2016?

In January 2016, Snapchat has reached 7 billion views per day. At the same time, the White House has opened an account on Snapchat. Surprising  ..but We can see the influence of this social network in the States.

In February 2016, Snapchat has launched a new way to earn money from the platform by « On Demand Geofilters ». These geofilters are charged for brands and the users.

One filter costs 5$ at least and it can be used for 1 hour and it can last for 30 days. The price is not fixed because it depends on the size of the place and the time of this filter and if it is for a company or a user.

It is an interesting marketing concept. This new function can customize Snapchaters stories for events. Otherwise, companies can create original advertising campaigns and increase their views on social networks in order to target 13-25 year olds.

On March 2016, Snapchat revealed new features:452

  • There is a new version of the Chat. The version 2.0 made messaging flowing by moving from text messages to videos or pictures in the Chat.
  • We can also send audios and videos 10 seconds long maximum
  • We can make calls and send pictures from our gallery to the Chat
  • Easy transition from a story to another by switching. Otherwise, Reading Stories became automatic.
  • To follow the trend of stickers on social networks: 200 new stickers are added to the classic emoticons present in mobile.
  • A New Privacy Center with more transparency and information on safeguarding our Stories.


The new ” Discover” on Snapchat – 2016

In April 2016, the limit of 33 characters has increased to 80 characters. The ” Face Swap ” has been set up: we can exchange our face with a selfie recorded in the Gallery of the mobile.

In June 2016, an update is performed to the Stories and Discover. The Discover placement highlighted the media. The media presented are still for English companies.

In July 2016, Other features are invented:

-“Suggest” allowed sending suggestions accounts to follow – to our contacts.

– And “Snapchat Memories” allowed users to record and send a snap and a Story recorded – in the new gallery.

– The option “My eyes only” in Memories can hide a Snap in the Gallery.

– Today it is possible to create its own emoji or sticker on Snapchat with Bitmoji application.

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