The evolution of the market share of the internet in investments in advertising was at the origin of new concepts of marketing. The specificities of Web are not necessarily ideal for the older concepts of marketing. They were more turned to the model of the “thirty glorious”, adapted to the traditional economy. The new economy established a change in paradigm and we assist to a redefining of the role between the actors of the economy. Appearance of the devices now grows allowing e-advertising to pass in front of traditional advertising.
The SEO and the SMO: The new concepts of marketing for search engines

SEO: Search Engine Optimization
Natural referencing is used to reveal a site or web pages in the first natural search results of search engines as Google.
The tools of the natural referencing Search Engine Optimization are:

  • Keywords

Those are strong expressions; they are used by Internet users, thus capable of engendering an important traffic. The Internet user looks at the information with an open, natural language, rarely technical. The analysis of these words and expressions is the 1st stage. Tools allowing this analysis are: Google AdWords, Word Tracker, SEMrush, SEMvisu.

  • Domain names

It is necessary to have a domain name to explain your activity. It is going to be in the URL which is going to allow entrance to your Web site. Example of optimal domain name is. “”. There is a problem with new extensions such as .paris, .bio.

  • The list of the structure (repertory, pages)

The languages used for the construction of pages have to be HTML and CSS. It is necessary to avoid as much as possible to use the format Flash, because it is harder to reference by search engines.

  • Images, internal and external links

Image originals allow valuing the contents of the site. It is necessary to make a choice between images and the loading speed of the site. The slower the website is, the more users tend to abandon the consultation of the site.
Internal links allow a better seaworthiness inside of the site. Google gives a real importance to internal links. However, the less there is of links and the more each of them is significant. The theory of “Linking Juicing”.
External links: Search engines reference the site according to the quality of external links. The more you are quoted by referents’ sites, the more your contents are considered high value-added. In the world there are some sites considered relevant by search engines.

  • The writing of the text

The spelling is one of the criteria of the referencing of search engines. Search engines are going to verify the level of global understanding of the site, to avoid the creation of contents artificial by robots. The spelling mistakes are rather going to play on the e-reputation of the site.

  • Servers of the site

The localization of the server of hosting of your site can have consequences on the referencing of your site.
SMO: Social Media Optimization
It corresponds to the whole technique and actions intended to develop the visibility and the image of a Web site or a brand on social networks. Leading players of the SMO are Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. It allows the company to aim more exactly at its targets. It corresponds to the social media optimization of the company.  Google takes into account in its algorithm of the social signals sent by Facebook, Twitter.
The SMO is going to play on three axes to develop: popularity, trust, and authority.
It is necessary at first to identify the keywords on which to position. Conception and optimization of exclusive quality contents has to be in relationship with this semantic terminology. It is necessary to give way to the interoperability for the authority of set contents on social networks, which has to go to your Web site.

The blog allows the site to go on the content and to demonstrate its expertise in the domain. The blog dedicated to the SMO can have contents such as videos, comments, trackbacks, linking.
The SMO for search engine such as Google are going to be to made with Rich Snippet. Those are additional information, in the format text or image, which come to enrich a link in the results of Google. It reveals the famous five stars corresponding to the notices. It allows the small rectangle in the page of search for Google to appear.
Today, these techniques allow to attract the Internet user. How to keep the Internet user on your Web site? The traditional marketing has of to reinvent, and other concepts emerged with Web.
Finish 4 P welcomes 4 E

The 4 E: Engage, Educate, Excite, Evangelise. This model leans on the consumers a lot and it tries to answer to new aspiration of the consumers. It allows to return the compatible marketing with the digital technology and the new uses of the Internet by its users. How free is it?

  • Produce against the experience

Today, the only product is not enough anymore for the consumers, they also look for a relation, a real-life experience. Your product can be the best in the market, but the consumer can refuse
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