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In this article we are going to speak about our dogs and cats! Because yes, the innovation also concerns them, and today even pets are connected.
I made a selection of objects, which seem to me really cool and I am going to share them with you.



Imagine that you have to leave on a tip and you cannot bring your animal with you. PEtChatz is ideal for you because he is going to allow you to feel a little less guilty for leaving your animal alone at home.
Thanks to this case equipped with a camera, with a microphone and with an integrated loudspeaker, it is possible to communicate with your pet and to see him,to make sure that he is in a good shape. For connecting the system you will only need socket. But the thing about PetChatz which is even cooler is that you could distribute candies to your animal. I am sure that he will appreciate.

Petchatz is available for 350 €



Petcube combines a cube, a camera, a microphone, a loudspeaker, a laser of low intensity and a smartphone application. So, wherever you are, you can hear your animal, speak to him, and the funniest you can play with him using your smartphone and he laser on the cube ( They say the laser is totally harmless)

You can have you Petcube for 200 dollars!



You already have your connected bracelet to follow your daily physical activity? Now your dog can also have one! The Voice Company proposes a connected necklace which allows to follow the activity of your animal and know if he makes enough effort during the day.
The application also allows to measure the heart rhythm, the breath and how many hours you pet sleeps during the day. And it is not finished! You can send all these measures to your veterinarian for a health follow-up!

The one negative point is the price of this necklace, about 300 dollars when you buy it and then 10 dollars every month in subscription …


cats 1

Real success among the connected objects for animals, Bistro is a device which distributes food and water for a correct alimentation of your pet. The system allows to distribute a particular quantity of food, according to the needs of the animal and also measures the quantity of water drunk during the day.

A balance is also joined to the device to keep a close watch on the state of health of your animal. All the collected data is available for consultation on a dedicated smartphone application. The price for the Bistro is 249 dollars.

And, last but not least War Kitteh

War Kitteh is a necklace for cats capable of recording the data of the WIFI networks which he detects. It might be practical to know which of your neighbours didn’t secure their internet connection

This object is not available on sale, and probably will never be.

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