People often wonder themselves how to elaborate a clever and efficiency social media campaign. The purpose of this topic is to present four advices in order to improve the success of community management.

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Establish the goal
First of all, it seems obvious to clearly establish the goal of the campaign. It’s so obvious that people forget to set the good bases to go forward in the project.
The question is what is a real goal?
There are a lot of achievements. For example, drive more web traffic or visitor loyalty. It should be to improve conversion rates or increase brand awareness. The main point is to know why one have to do it in order to make the project evolve. If no goal is defined, you cannot reach it.
Develop a clever and smart plan
After realizing what we have to reach, we have to think about the way to reach it. The plan must be specific to the social media campaign but according to the policy of the corporation. It’s a delicate exercise to accomplish.
You have to allocate your budget and resources in order to aim all of yours targets. Be focused on specific targets. It is useless to spend resources on everybody. Some people will even receive it as a spam and they will keep a negative picture of your society.
The Cross channel promotion
A terrible mistake is to communicate using only one channel. The fact is that with only one channel you lose the whole potential client interested by that kind of project. People may buy or join your product but they cannot because they do not even know its existence.
Do not hesitate to use plenty of channels. The only thing to remember is to adapt the content for the channel. It’s real important to create specific contents for specific channels. If you only copy/paste on every channel, you will drown people with the same content each time.
Key metrics and analysis
A social media campaign is hard to evaluate. Analysis services such as Google analytics are very powerful to estimate your ROI (return on investment).  You should always use these tools to be aware of the problems and the success of the social media campaign.
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