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Independent video games have known a big rise in popularity in the last years. Indeed, this type of game is becoming more and more beloved by a large public thanks to the fact that it is very cheap or even sometimes completely free. One of the biggest highlights of so called indie games is the quality that is offered by the creators.



There are several axes which the developers try to emphasize. Most commonly you can find here: the intellectual challenge proposed, the replay ability, the graphics or original story and gameplay style.
The origins of indie games go back to 1970s when no real video game industry existed. Than a large wave of “shareware” started to be distributed in the 80’s and 90’s. The movement that made indie games possible came from the introduction of open source management.
A very known person in the game industry, Gabe Newell, the creator of the STEAM platform made possible to buy and play games without buying them physically. This is a very important step in the game industry that will change the way it works.
The creator of Oddworld enterprise, Lorne Lanning once said:” I’d rather not make games than… be a slave for public companies who care more about their shareholders than they do about their customers”. We can see, indie games are not only a new type of games, just some innovative developing model. No, indie games represents a real revolution, games are supported to be fun to play and are not supposed to be limited by publisher’s limitations. The fact that a game is developed by an independent team can more or less assure that it is done by passion and for the customer and not having as primary goal the earning of money.
In May 2010, the Humble Indie Bundle got introduced. This project raised 1.25 dollars in revenue of which 400.000 dollars were distributed to charity. This project made it possible to quantify how much this niche market is worth and made it possible to indie games to get known.
Nowadays indie games are becoming more and more popular, even brand new gaming platforms like PS4 or XBOX One support more and more indie games.
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