Amazon: finally a smartphone?

For years, rumours have circulated about Amazon, the most famous pure player, working on a 3D smartphone. Last week, the rumour became a reality. At a press conference in Seattle, the headquarters of Amazon, Jeff Bezos has set June 18, 2014 as the date for the presentation of a new tool. Is it for the 3D Smartphone that Amazon has been talking about for years?
A video on YouTube encourages users to think it could be the presentation of the new 3D Smartphone. In this video, users move the head from one side to the other and throw comments like: “It’s amazing, it’s something I’ve never seen…”. This clip must surely refer to the smartphone’s user interface.

People often associate the 3D with glasses. But on this video people use the device without glasses and they realize turning their head that it is a device in three dimensions. This operates using several cameras placed on the front of the device, following the movements of the eye to display 3D elements. (suite…)

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