Show me what you tweet and I’ll tell you who you are .Scientists from the Netherlands developed a software which can find out which gender and how old the twitterer is, only by analyzing his tweets.


An Internet program, which is able to decode the twitter message, has been developped. By decoding the message, the program can find out the age and gender. Dong Nguyen, linguist from the University of Twente explained that about 3000 tweets were analyzed and the gender and the age were known by the scientists. This information is necessary for the development of the program.

Now, you only need the last 200 tweets of a person to find out the gender and the age of the twitterer. You can use
The linguist explained that there are some words which make it very easy to find out the gender of a person. When a person uses several times words like “beer” or “football, it is pretty sure that it’s a male person. Women use very often “fingernails” and “hihi”. Young people talk very often about themselves and use smileys and older people use more words and write longer sentences.

A propos de Sven Kapuscinky