A study realized by TextMaster indicates that misspellings would cost millions of euros per year for businesses.
Indeed, TextMaster structure, expert in copywriting, translation and proofreading, quantified the number of spelling mistakes in emails exchanged in the professional world.
“We find that 90% of e-mails sent by the companies to their customers contain at least one spelling mistake. In addition, this rate increases up to 95% when the email is written in a foreign language”.
stopThe famous Charles Duncombe says that only one misspelling could halve the sales of a website. These errors undermine the credibility of the site and reduce consumer confidence. Moreover, TextMaster drives the point by revealing that one spelling mistake can have an impact on the completion of sales or a partnership and more generally on the corporate image. Indeed, the sending of e-mails containing misspellings has as a result, most of the time, the bad reception of the latter. They are often redirected to the “spam” because it is considered like a spam by the message recipient.
The most affected companies are web companies. They are vulnerable to this problem because direct relationships with their customers are almost non-existent.