Apple is often perceived as a non environment-friendly firm. In fact, among all the trends that Apple surfs on,  ecology wasn’t as much used as a topic as right now. It is time for the company to catch up with the “green trend”.
While the iPhone 5 benefited from a huge advertisment campaign  the new iPod and iPod Touch were launched with bigger discretion and less noise in the media.
It is quite likely that for this reason Apple decided to test its next-generation greenwashing campain on these particular products.
The new trick consist of manufacturing a biodegradable packaging for the iPod and iTouch Earpods.
The initiative can be praised, but Apple refuses to give more details about it. We just know that the packaging degrades itself in hot water. There is no relevant information wether the nature will really ”digest” it. It could just be a sort of glue that scatters when immersed in water.
Furthermore, it is the packaging that is only biodegradable. Wouldn’t it be better to encourage people to throw it (whether it is biodegradable or not) in a dustbin? And what about a  fully recyclable packaging?
Certainly the packaging is what people might throw carelessly in the nature, but Apple should not satisfy itself with that. The firm should develop environmentally friendly products. This requires relocating the plants closer to the consumers, using harmless metarials and stopping the use of planned obsolescence. Besides, given the amount of products sold each year, the company could set up a process of return for the old products.

A propos de Léopold Schihin