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The start-up, Spacesplitter, has developed a web application that will probably make life easier for many roommates. Indeed, a lot of people who share a flat get in trouble when it comes to paying bills, or managing household chores.
The idea of the co-founders, Rob Caucci and Jeremy Pease, was to find a solution to those problems. Their web application proposes different features, in particular “OurList” and “ChoreSplitter”.
How it works:

OurList is meant to manage household finances. The users can, by adding their roommate to Facebook Connect, shop for basic household goods. Then, they define the share each one has to pay and the order frequency. The service will calculate the bill and send requests to the users.
With ChoreSplitters users can set up a plan to share the household chores fairly. This way, users will be reminded to take out the garbage every week for example.
With the feature “Roomate Agreement” you can establish house rules supposed to prevent awkward situations.

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