Essential Phone: the new smartphone by the Creator of Android

Andy Rubin, co-creator of the Android operating system, launched a new company called Essential Products to sell a high-end smartphone and a home assistant device.Storyline

Since the end of 2016, the Android founder Andy Rubin has been working on an AI-driven smartphone. With the support of a team of 40 people, made up of former Apple and Google employees, he created a new company called Essential Products. Its first smartphone targets the high-end range, while the company also produces smart home hardware, with the smartphone being at the center of the ecosystem. Andy Rubin worked on artificial intelligence, robotics and augmented reality: he once wished to integrate this kind of innovations in a new smartphone, now it’s a fact.

A new phone

The name, “Essential phone”, aims at showing what a smartphone should be, according to Andy Rubin. The key features of this smartphone include an edge-to-edge screen, a titanium-and-ceramic case, which is supposedly quite impact-resistant, and dual cameras. The phone runs, of course, under the Android operating system (OS) and will be sold for $699 (for now only available in the US).

Essential phone is still unavailable for delivery but the website of the company is currently accepting pre-orders.

Phone accessories

Thanks to a magnetic connector, Essential phone has its own accessory ecosystem. The first two accessories known are, on the one hand, a 360 degree camera and on the other hand, a magnetic charger. The latter hasn’t been revealed yet.

A new home base

This device is intended to become a new type of product for the world, especially with its ability to connect and interact with other devices. For example, the OS has the capacity to automatically introduce itself to both new and existing devices.

The base is described as an elegant device you’ll be proud to display in your home and which blends into any home environment.


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